D&M Precision is a machine shop in Oxnard, CA specializing in machining and repair of large-scale forging dies.

With our large-capacity CNC lathes, bridge mills, and overhead cranes, we have the capability to machine products that are beyond the size and weight limitations of most other machine shops. We're one of the few shops on the west coast that can offer precision machining of parts as heavy as 60,000 lb.

We machine dies that are used to forge critical components for some of the worlds leading Aerospace and Defense manufacturers.

In Business Since 1987

Daniel Lowe, the owner of D&M Precision, has been in machining since 1964, when he served his Apprenticeship in Detroit. After moving to California, he founded D&M Precision in Oxnard in 1987. Many of the customers we work for today have been with us since the start.

Technology, and the Skills to Make it Work

At D&M, we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest CNC technology and CAD software. We've been using CNC machines for over a decade. However, it's important to note that much of our ability to use CNC machines sucessfully comes from the knowledge that Dan gained during his experience back in the days when all machines were manually-controlled. As Dan says, "back then you either had the skills or you didn't. You had to know what you were doing."

Our customers have always appreciated our ability to simply make things work and produce quality product time and time again, whether the machines were contolled by computer or by hand.

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Large-Capacity CNC Machining

Lathes supporting 60" x Ø92" material.

Bridge Mills supporting 122" x 96" x 48" material.

Vertical Mills for smaller products.